Meet Ed McDonald

It must be in the blood.  Ed McDonald, being the youngest of four sons, followed after his father and his brothers into the Home Building business.  Growing up, Ed spent his Saturdays during the school year, and most of his summers, building houses.  As a sophomore in high school, Ed drew the plans for the first home he designed. 

Now, some 35 years later, and having designed and built more than 450 homes, Ed’s wealth of knowledge and his countless experiences bring great benefits to his current customers.  He decided a long time ago to commit to building the highest quality homes possible, while striving to leave a trail of very satisfied customers.

Today, Ed continues to blaze that trail.
Our Basic Core Values
Honesty: Always tell the truth and sleep well at night.
Integrity: Simply do what you say you are going to do, when you say your going to do it.
Value: Try to exceed the customer’s expectations of the task at hand.
Communication: Carefully listen to the customer and present the best options to achieve the desired results.


Why Choose Ed McDonald Homes?

Experience: With over thirty-five years of seeing changes in the building industry, and having designed and built over 450 homes - the choice is clear.  Our experience and knowledge will help and guide you through the "building process" in an orderly and manageable way.
Professionalism: With our experience come years of professional interaction between customers, lending institutions, city and county municipalities, sub-contractors and vendors.  We always represent the home-owner in a responsible and professional manner.
Craftsmanship: Being up-to-date on new construction methods and a variety of material options, we will bring cutting-edge technology to the design and building process.  Yet never forgetting old-school techniques and honest-to-goodness craftsmanship.